Welcome to the official website of SSSR Labs modules!

Due to the so called special military operation started by Russian government and therefore caused sanctions applied to Russia, we have suspended our business and functioning of the store. We can no longer accept or send payments via PayPal. The hosting is paid in advance for a couple of years, so at least it will stay as an archive but we advice you to download manuals and other documents. We have some stock left, our bank should accept SWIFT transfers, postal services are working, so if you would like to order items displayed as stocked, using bank transfer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The shop and production is owned by Dmitry Shtatnov (rpocc).

Email: and

Phone/Whatsapp/Telegram: +7(967)043-66-34

SSSR Labs stands for Solid State Sound Research Labs. We make modules for Eurorack systems (modular electronic music synthesizers). Each SSSR Labs module has a unique design, which does not replicate any legacy gear or reissue existing modern design. Here you can directly purchase SSSR Labs modules or DIY kits to build your own module.

SSSR Labs store also supplies other synthesizer modules, accessories and DIY kits made in Russia.