ASD iDiode

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Analogue multi-mode 12db VCF

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A new Russian company Analog Sound Devices has debuted in 2017 with this multi-mode analog voltage controlled filter iDiode, based on famous Steiner-Parker diode ladder VCF. It is very compact, only 5hp module, which has three modes of filtering:

  • 2-pole LP
  • 2-pole BP
  • 2-pole HP

iDiode has one signal input and output and also, two CV inputs for filter cutoff frequency modulation. The first (V/OCT) has decent 1v/octave exponential tracking, and second is exponential FM (FM).

It also has 3 knobs: Cutoff Frequency, Resonance amount, and for FM input attenuation.

This manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.

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