Payment and shipping


Currently, the only possible way to pay for items in this store is using PayPal. This platform is chosen because we can guarantee our responsibility and quality of service.

Please note that due to government regulations, PayPal doesn’t allow transactions between our Merchant-type account and other merchant accounts, which is relatively often case with musicians and producers who also accept payments by PayPal. In this case you need to use another (Personal-type) account. If you do not have a personal account, please contact us via email and we will provide you another address for payment. Thank you for understanding.

Important! If you are located in Russia, you have to pay for your order in Rubles.

Domestic Shipping

If you are located in Russia, your item will be sent using CDEK expedited parcel service. The shipping cost includes operational expenses, packing, etc, so it will never be the same as shipping cost provided on the parcel box.

If you are located in Moscow and would like to pick up your order, please use option «Доставка по договоренности» and call to us.

International shipping

IMPORTANT!!! COVID-19-caused release of responsibility. 9 November, 2020.

Starting from 9 November 2020, we accept claims for lost item only after 130 days since the shipping date. In this case we can resend the item or make a refund on your choice.

Between a shortage of commercial passenger airlines to carry the mail and local authorities and transit/destination postal services shutting down or restricting services, sending international packages is resulting in longer transit times on most shipments, especially outside Eurasia. The average transit time since July 2020 is 4-5 weeks but shipping of 10% of parcels may take up to 6-7 weeks or longer. Unfortunately there is no way to track a parcel in the period between leaving the Russian customs and scanning by the respective postal service of the destination country. During this period the tracking status may say “prepared for shipment” even when it’s actually already crossed the border and waiting in a queue. Literally, on this period the parcel became a Schrödinher’s cat which can be either at the Russian terminal, or at the terminal of the destination country, or in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We have to note that still we had no even a single case of a completely LOST or DAMAGED parcel but during the hardest period of the first lockdown few parcels shipped to the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia were in transit for up to 3 months. Nevertheless shipping to Europe never took more than 5-6 weeks.

So, although the situation became much better in July 2020, until full commercial passenger airlines are back to normal work exactly as it was going in 2019, we are not longer responsible for delays. If you need a fast shipping, going to move to another living place or have no patience, please find an SSSR Labs dealer in the US or UK. This especially applies to customers from the United States.

You can contact us if your order was not delivered for 45 days after the shipping date and there is no tracking updates. In this case we request for parcel search from Russian Post. We have no other useful way of communicating with the shipping carrier. So please be patient while international shipping is in unstable state. Do not file the PayPal refund claim. This will not accelerate the shipping. We care about our reputation and there is absolutely no use for us to betray our customers and partners

Thank you for understanding and patience. The information provided below was actual before the pandemic and still actual for averagely 50% of orders.

Our standard international shipping option is sending a registered international small packet via regular mail (Russian Post). You will be automatically provided with the tracking number using Aftership service, as soon as your order is shipped.

Although we try to fulfill your orders fast, sometimes it takes several days between placing the order and actual shipping. The usual shipping time depends on your location.

Europe: 1-3 weeks, usually 10-12 calendar days.

US, Mexico, South America, Australia, Asia: 2-4 weeks, usually 15-25 calendar days.

Canada, Middle East: 4-7 weeks, usually up to 45 days.

Please be aware that custom clearance (if needed), import duties, taxes, VAT, etc are your own responsibility and depends on regulations in your country. In some countries (Germany, other German-speaking countries, Scandinavian countries) your order may be held on customs and you will need to contact your post office or shipping company usually carrying small packets in your country in order to continue shipping.

Due to extremely high reliability of post services these days, we are self-insure all our items, so if you have a document from your post service that confirms the loss of the item, you will be provided with another one absolutely free. This doesn’t applies to non-confirmed losses or delayed items.