SSSR Labs SM010: DIY Full Kit

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16×8 IO Sequenceable Matrix Signal Router: DIY Full Kit

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This kit contains complete set of parts needed to build the SSSR Labs SM010 Matrixarchate matrix router

Important note for PCB Version 1.0: IC9 (79L06) must be placed backward! It is wrong on the PCB silkscreen and right in the assembly manual!

Last firmware version: 1.2

Total matrix switch rows16
Total matrix switch columns8
Maximum voltage swing on IO-6...+10V
User programs60
Module width20hp
Module depth36mm
Weight of the assembled module (inc. power cable and screws) / Boxed255g / 315g
Current draw +12vAll lights Off: 22mA
All lights On: 56mA
Normal use: 40mA
Current draw -12v2mA

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Dimensions14 × 16 × 3 cm


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