SSSR Labs SM042 Kotelnikov — DIY Full Kit

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This kit contains all necessary parts to build a complete SSSR Labs. SM042 Kotelnikov module.

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This module can be purchased as Do-it-yourself kit that contains all necessary parts to build a complete module:

  • 2× snow-white gold-plated PCBs.
  • 1× high-quality aluminium 14hp Eurorack front panel. Made in Russia
  • All electronic components, IC sockets, headers, and hardware.
  • 4× M3×6 screws and 22cm power cable.

The is almost completely through-hole kit except for SO8 reference voltage IC and voltage regulator IC. S that you don’t need to be an advanced DYIer to build your own Kotelnikov.

PCB v. 1.2 Note

All kits gathered after August 2017 are equipped with PCB version 1.2. The version is clearly marked on both boards. This version requires one additional resistor R50 (300R), which limits current at the Gate Input, and the jumper JP2: TG Int. Mod, which controls internal connection between TG Out and FM, WM Inputs. All extra parts are already included in kits, although they are not mentioned in the assembly manual.

See BOM v. 1.2

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1 review for SSSR Labs SM042 Kotelnikov — DIY Full Kit

  1. D L

    This is a well-documented, complete DIY kit. The layout isn’t too dense, so you can get your components where they need to be. The SMD parts are a non-issue to solder; just try not to re-adjust them too much after soldering.
    Calibration is also quite effortless; nothing like what one has to go through with an analog osc.
    See my progression:

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