SM801 Fader

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Audio/CV fader and voltage source

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Put level control of modulation sources and audio signal right under your fingers with SM801 Fader module. It’s a classic active signal attenuator, also acting as a 0..5 V or 0..10 V voltage source. This module is optimized for control surface mounting with all jacks placed at the top side. The 3hp width is picked to match the average width of a finger. SM801 is designed as a response to users’ requests for adding the attenuator functions to SM800 Wobla module.

Slider travel length 60 mm
Internal voltage source range (selectable by jumper position) 0...+10 V or 0...+5 V
Input 100 kOhm, DC coupled, -10...+10 V
Output 1 kOhm, DC coupled
Input AC/DC gain 0...1
Gain Error at 100% position <0.5%
DC offset Typical 0.5 mV (<1 cents), Max 5 mV (6 cents)
Module width 3 hp
Module depth 24 mm
Dimensions 15×129×38 mm
Weight of the assembled module (inc. power cable and screws) / Boxed 39 g / 66 g
Current draw +12 V 5 mA (Peak 13 mA*)
Current draw -12 V 1 mA

*On input jack insertion or with low-impedance load

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