SSSR Labs SM042 Kotelnikov MCU Chip v. 1.2

$ 3.00

An updated MCU chip

Introduces Audio Bootloader capabilities

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An updated MCU chip for owners of the Kotelnikov module with the chip revision 1.0. Contains:

  • Audio Bootloader
    With the audio bootloader you can update module’s waveforms using a simple utility application for Mac OS X and Windows.
    Also, any further updates or alternative firmware files can be uploaded in less than a minute using any audio playback device!
  • Improved noise filtering at the WM input
  • Non-volatile memory keeps the last selected wave bank
  • Morphing in bank 4

Shipped in a piece of anti-static tube and anti-static bag. 100% damage-proof.

You do not need this chip if you have a retail SM042 module purchased after March, 2018 (you can update using the audio bootloader)

All modules and kits are equipped with this chip after February, 2019

Additional information

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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