Vertigo DSP Card

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A collection of stereo thickener effects for zDSP

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SSSR Labs present the first cased DSP card for Tiptop Audio zDSP voltage controlled effect processor.

This card contains a collection of eight signal processing algorithms, which are all specially designed to convert a mono signal to an animated stereo soundscape with spacey and creamy feel. It is especially recommended as a thickener for 1-oscillator voices or 1-oscillator polyphonic synthesizers. Every effect was carefully adjusted and tested with several different synthesizers to achieve the best sound and usability of controls used in the zDSP module.

Effect list:

1. Sidechain Infinite Hall. This is a large hall with a minimum coloration and the decay time varying from a couple of seconds to infinite time, when sound is captured and stays endlessly with adjustable width of spectral diffusion. The reverb feedback loop also may be smoothly suppressed by the input signals with variable threshold.

2. 2-Tap BBD Emulator A. This is a structural recreation of a stereo tapped delay made using the classic solid-state analog delay technology: a bucket brigade device chips. The analog delay signal path adds certain amount of noise, DC offset and harmonic distortion with each iteration, ending up with signal being deeply modified in a very recognizable way by accumulated distortion and errors. This algorithm attempts to recreate the distortion and self-oscillation of the companded and high-pass filtered feedback circuit with a feel close to a BBD delay effect box. The center-tap goes to the Right channel, and the ending tap goes to the Left channel.

3. 2-Tap BBD Emulator B. This effect is a variation of the previous one with different color of the harmonic distortion, achieved by emulating the compression/expansion ratio mismatch of the analog circuit.

4. 6-Tap Diffused Delay. This is a complex algorithm, partly acting like those older discrete DSP effect processors, with individual coloration and vibe of each particular program. It consists of a vibrato effect, followed by a reverb diffusion block with modulation, which in turn is followed by adjustable length 6-tap delay line, dividing the whole delay time into 6 almost equal sections, each with its own pre-defined pan and level.

5. Disorientating Delay. This is an experimental effect, combining an axis rotation engine and a dual delay. The axis rotator uses vector coordinates transformation equations but in the summary it acts like an auto-pan with ring modulator. The signal at inputs L and R represents X and Y coordinates of a point in a 2-dimensional space. The first LFO rotates the points around the virtual center, and the second LFO additionally rotate them around the L/R field. Finally, the signal goes to a parallel delay lines.

6. Rotary Speaker Engine. This is a simple rotary speaker simulation minus the speaker impulse response: this one affects only the pan and pitch of the sound, imitating the rotating sound source with adjustable Doppler effect. This effect works very well with strings machines, organ and other sounds created using additive synthesis.

7. Dual 6-stage Phaser. This effect is the two 6-stage phase shifters, which may work independently or as a stereo quadrature-modulated phaser: Sine wave modulates the Left channel, and Cosine modulated the Right channel, which creates a special rotation feel . The Range parameter is also used as a mode switch, so that other parameters have dual functional purpose.

8. Impulse Spatializer. This algorithm converts a mono signal to a true stereo (ready for a further spatial effects), using a simplified stereo finite impulse response of a real room, picked by the developer. This impulse response is divided in to three parts: an early reflections, the peak reflection, and the late reflections. The impulse response of the early reflections is always presented, while the peak and late reflections may be added, accompanied by affecting the density and perceived brightness, readability of the signal.

A full demo by DivKid

A short demo for DivKid channel at Superbooth 2019 (English)

A short demo for MusicMagTV channel at Superbooth 2019 (Russian)

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