VG-Line TBX-3Q3 MEC Black

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x0xb0x module: functionally identical clone of the legendary Roland TB-303 Groove Box. Black case, MEC buttons.

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VG-Line TBX-3Q3 is a x0xb0x designed and crafted in Russia by Vyacheslav Grigoriev.

The x0xb0x is a complete clone of the legendary analog bass synthesizer, Roland TB-303, with a new, more powerful sequencer. This synthesizer, which led to the birth of the whole ACID subgenre of the techno music, has many implementations, but not all of them are 100% clones including identical analog part schematic and component set. Fortunately, The VG-Line TBX-3Q3 is one of them: a full clone, which uses even the same NOS transistor couples.

Being unsuccessful during the period of production and discontinued in 1984, TB-303 became very popular ten years later: in the early ’90s. But only 10000 units were produced and this synth was never reissued, so few clones, as well as digital versions, had started to appear around the world. Due to lots of hard-to-find vintage components required by the original schematic of the TB-303, none of that clones could provide the exactly identical sound and the price of used TB-303 has raised up to about $2000 in the middle of ‘2000s

The first true electrically identical clone, x0xb0x, was designed by Limor from Adafruit Industries. She released 999 DIY kits of x0xb0x. After that, the others had started to make their own TB-303 clones.
The Original x0xb0x description
Being the true clone of the TB-303, x0xb0x also included modern MCU-based sequencer.
Listen to the samples of different TB-303 clones

The primary difference of VG-Line x0xb0xes is the use of specially picked transistors with β>400 as were used in the original model by Roland. Only the 5th part from a 1000pcs batch can pass for the production of VG-Line unit.

TB-3Q3 has 4 different versions including black or white case with usual buttons and improved-quality buttons by MEC (Germany). Also, completely custom finishing and coloring are possible. For further information about custom builds please contact SSSR Labs. We are the official dealer of VG-Line.

Features of the MEC Black version:

  • Black case
  • Aluminum top and back panels
  • Buttons by MEC (Germany) with built-in LED of various colors.
  • Black knobs
  • Sequencer firmware SOkkOS 2.0
  • Bundled with a VG-Line 9vAC wall-wart adapter

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