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The Ritm-2 synthesizer made by VG-Line is a direct recreation of the ’80s Soviet one-osc monophonic analogue synthesizer, РИТМ-2 also known as Ritm Dva or Rhythm-2, in a form of small-sized desktop module, which can be controlled via MIDI or CV/Gate. The original model was itself inspired by small-sized analog Moog synthesizers and the sound of this little synth was pretty close to Moog but it had number of distinctive properties making it unique: A specific VCO with unusual distorted triangle waveform, VCO waveform mixer, a bit more non-linearity in the VCA and a little distortion in the output stage. Also, the original model had two full-featured ADSR envelopes on-board — a pretty rare feature for this class of monosynths. One of these envelope generators had the Cycle feature.

The new desktop synthesizer has the almost identical set of features and controls as the original, but it also has a number of improvements:

  • More reliable and stable modern power supply. No more 20 minutes warm-up for the stable tune!
  • MIDI In and Thru
  • LFO rate can be synchronized with the MIDI Clock
  • LFO rate knob works in the traditional direction, opposite to the original, reversed direction
  • Note Velocity can be assigned to VCA level (selectable)
  • Audio Input with level adjust control in the Mixer Section
  • CV inputs for Pitch, VCF Cutoff Frequency, PWM, VCA, and V-Gate input for triggering envelope generators


  • 1 VCO with at least 5 octaves stable tracking
  • 3 VCO waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse with PWM
  • White Noise generator
  • 4-channel Mixer for Tri/Saw, Pulse, Noise and Audio In
  • 24dB low-pass transistor ladder filter with keyboard tracking
  • 1 LFO with Triangle, Square, and Sample & Hold waveforms
  • 2 ADSR envelope generators, one with gated AR Cycle mode
  • Selectable modulation sources for VCO pitch: LFO Tri, LFO Sqr, SnH
  • Selectable modulation sources for VCF: ADSR, LFO Tri, SnH
  • MIDI-control with selectable channel via Learn button


  • MIDI Input (DIN-5)
  • Audio Input (1/4″ TS Jack)
  • CV Inputs for Pitch, Pulse Width, VCF Cutoff, VCA Level (1/8″ TS Jacks)
  • Gate input (V-Gate, 1/8″ TS Jack)


  • MIDI Thru (DIN-5)
  • Line OUt (Unbalanced, 1/4″ TS Jack)
  • Headphones Out (1/4″ TRS Jack)


  • European ~220v AC Line In. (215-250v)

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