Keen Association Model 220

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Polyphonic Touch`n`Run Voltage Array — an advanced 4-voice touch and pressure sensitive Buchla format keyboard controller with arpeggiator and plenty of other functions

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Polyphonic Touch`n`Run Voltage Array Model 220 is an up-to-four-voice truly polyphonic, freely tunable and scalable, pressure sensitive musical keyboard with vast sequencing capabilities. The design is based on the analogue concept so that NO voltages are being digitized and the internal microcontroller just traces the finger touches and routes them through an analogue circuitry. There’s also NO keyboard scanning, all keys work in real-time, having their dedicated logical channels.

Here’s the brief description of features:

3 Poly modes – buchlaphony, revolving polyphony and revolving polyphony with slightly different logic
3 Duo modes – bagpipe-style paraphony and two types of true duophony
3 Mono modes – classic monophony, revolving monophony, subtracting monophony
Voice allocation algorithms are truly applicable to almost all modes

Intelligent Hold function – if needed, system keeps the last held keys in memory and recalls them by pressing Hold again

Powerful Actikey sequencer/arpeggiator – keys played in order they were touched or in one of four directions
Zoning – one finger divides the keybed into two sequencer zones, two fingers define loop, three fingers make four sequencer zones
Combo – fourth output plays arpeggio, other three are free for polyphonic performance
All those features are dynamically controllable in real-time, with maximum inter-mode succession

Cluster – allows to program every key to be a chord or an arpeggio, thus one can get sort of performance bank of 16 cells

Capture – this mode is much like the one that legendary Buchla Thunder had. It records what is being played and then, during playback, one can add pressure gestures to their performance and change direction and speed, which give an impressive freedom and improvisation to performer

Pattern – defines the global rhythmic pattern applicable to all sequencer/arpeggio modes

Other capabilities to be highlighted – preset Load/Save function, controller mode, partial emulation of Buchla 216 and EMS Synthi AKS sequencer, some other easter eggs

The firmware is easily upgradable via USB, new features will be implemented based on users’ feedback

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