VG-Line Non Oversampling DAC

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16-bit S/PDIF to analog converter. 44.1/48/96 kHz sampling rate.

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NOSDAC is a high-quality stereo 16-bit digital to analog converter that accepts an S/PDIF or AES digital 2-channel audio signal and converts it to an analogue signal. The device is built around 16-bit Philips DAC IC and Cirrus Logic S/PDIF receiver. The main feature of this converter is that it’s free of any kind of digital filter and oversampling. The use of optimized analogue filters allows it to truthfully represent simple waveforms without edge distortion, so, unlike traditional converters, this one does not add ringing to the signal.

This device is specifically intended for virtual software synthesizers, electronic drums, and samplers equipped with S/PDIF – to get close to the more realistic sound, similar to the original analogue prototype of a virtual instrument.

This device is designed by famous Russian engineer Sergey Proklov.

Bit depth 16 bit
Sampling rate 44100, 48000 and 96000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio 102 dB
AC power 230 v
Inputs S/PDIF (RCA) and AES (XLR). AES interface may be optionally replaced with AES
Outputs 2×unbalanced line outputs: ¼" TRS jack

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