Motovilo zClock

$ 180.00

Configurable master MIDI-Clock generator, MIDI-DIN SYNC converter

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So…. another MIDIpal inspired device!

zCLOCK is an evolution of the project MidiGAL by Pete Kvitek in popular Eurorack modular format. zCLOCK is thru-hole DIY friendly open hardware and can run different kinds of firmware, like original MIDIpal,  MidiClk,  MidiArp, MidiSeq and more.

All software is open-source and is based on brilliant  AVRIL framework, written by extremely talented Olivier Gillet.

The main purpose for which was to get very stable MIDI clock & DIN SYNC for proper integration computer DAW’s like LogicPro, Cubase, ProTools, Ableton, e.t.c into Eurorack modular system. Also, this module could be handy for external hardware sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers and other music hardware.


Width 12hp
Module depth 25mm
Dimensions 61×43×129mm
Net weight 132g
Gross weight 225g


Вес 0.225 kg


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