SM010 Matrixarchate firmware v. 1.2 with ABL

SM010 Matrixarchate firmware v. 1.2 with ABL

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This update includes audio bootloader along with the firmware version 1.2 for Matrixarchate. It also contains important fuse bits settings in order to enable this bootloader. There are no other functions added

To learn how to update your module using ISP, and where to get AVRDude, please read this page: Updating firmware via ISP

To update fuse bits, please go to the directory with contents of the archive and run the following commands modified for using with YOUR programming device. Don’t forget to add path to the AVRDude executable to environment variables (%PATH% and other OS-dependent)

avrdude -c avrisp -p ATMEGA328P -P COM5 -U lfuse:w:lfuse.hex:i
avrdude -c avrisp -p ATMEGA328P -P COM5 -U hfuse:w:hfuse.hex:i
avrdude -c avrisp -p ATMEGA328P -P COM5 -U efuse:w:efuse.hex:i
avrdude -c avrisp -p ATMEGA328P -P COM5 -U lock:w:lock.hex:i

This Audiobootloader may be used to load all updates released since March 2018.
To enter bootloader mode, power-on your Eurorack with pressed SETUP/EXIT button and connect your audio-playback device to the CLOCK input. While module’s matrix display shows animation, you can play the firmware file. AVOID LISTENING FIRMWARE FILES on significant volume. Those files are wide-spectrum digital noise that may cause hearing loss.

Detailed instructions will be published with the next firmware update.

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